What is the difference between a membership and credits?

By purchasing a Membership you get to:

- Watch our entire collection of 100% original videos online up to 720p HD quality.
- Access the models of the month galleries and video photo galleries.
- Enjoy exclusive updates each month
- One membership gets you access to our content on any device PC or MAC or any mobile device.

By buying credits to download or start you video stash collection in the cloud

- Recommended for users who are interested in keeping scenes forever with no time restrictions
- Ideal for users who do not like memberships and only want specific scenes
- Buy credits, spend it as you choose.
- no rebills
- Re - stream the scenes in your stash as many times you like
- Recommended for users who do not want to keep content on their devices and want to store it securely in the cloud
- Once you purchase a scene you own it forever
- Stashed scenes never expire
- Download to own scenes with no DRM

With your credits you can opt to:


A repository of the scenes you already downloaded can be found by going to   >Account> My Downloads
and a repository of all the scenes that you ever stashed scenes can be found at >Account> My Stash